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  • Shaun Baines

The Reincarnation of April and Mary Robinson

In West Sussex, England, 1979, twins April and Mary Robinson died age nine in a tragic car accident. Following an afternoon at the cinema with their mother – Audrey. Their car was struck by a drunk driver, who fled the scene. Audrey survived, but Jade and Amber later succumbed to their injuries.

Despite a detailed description of the car – an orange Ford Escort with dark stripes on its doors – the driver was never found.

Audrey and her husband fell pregnant and a year later, Audrey gave birth to another set of female twins. As soon as they were able to talk, they began requesting the same toys April and Mary had had as children. They were able to name landmarks only April and Mary could have known. Audrey and her husband were unnerved, but found rational explanations for their behaviour.

Until one day in November 1986.

The twins were self-reliant and Audrey often left them in front of the television while she performed her household chores. In the middle of washing the dishes, she heard the twins screaming and rushed into the front room. There were no intruders and the twins didn't appear to be physically hurt.

But the television was playing The Muppet's Movie – the last film April and Mary ever saw – a fact Audrey had never shared with the twins.

Audrey took the twins to a number of doctors and psychiatrists to find an answer, but none could be found. Three months after the incident in the front room, the connection between the twins and April and Mary seemed to wane and the family moved on with their lives.

But in the following November, the twins began screaming again in the middle of the Sunday service at St. Bartholomew's Church. They pointed at a strange woman whom Audrey had never seen at the church before. Inconsolable, the twins were ushered out of the service while Audrey waited to apologise to the woman.

They struck up an immediate rapport and Audrey walked the woman to her car. It was a one year old Ford Taurus and the woman claimed to have always driven Fords, including a Ford Escort in the late seventies until an accident had forced her to trade it in.

Audrey was alarmed, making the link between the twins' screaming and the woman's Ford Escort. She made her excuses and left, driving straight to the local police station to alert them of her discovery. As she did not take the woman's name or license plate, there was nothing the officers could do.

The woman was never seen again.

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