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The Boss by Caz Finlay

As the daughter of a notorious Liverpudlian gangster, Grace Sumner commands respect – and she’s earned it on her own terms too.

But when her dangerous ex-husband Nathan Conlon is released from prison, Grace risks losing everything she’s worked hard to build up whilst he's been inside – including Nathan's own criminal empire.

Nathan's changed in prison, but old habits die hard. He makes it clear he wants his old life back, including his wife. And nothing or no one will get in his way…

My Review

The Boss is a thrilling journey of one woman and her fight to survive in a dangerous world.

It centres on Grace and Nathan and their complicated relationship through marriage, divorce and abuse. It is not as simple as love/hate, but a deeper study of the power dynamics, survivor's guilt and the strength of familial bonds.

There are some scenes of brutality, but they are used sparingly and only to highlight the depth of Nathan's psychosis. Families come under attack. Friendships are tested and no-one is to be trusted. The author does a good job of conveying the sense of threat implicit in the criminal underworld.

Despite being as guilty as the next character, Grace acts as the conscience of the story, constantly questioning her place in it and in the world in which she resides. She is a guide through the moral ambiguities involved in the pursuit of power at all costs.

The Boss is a high stakes drama. The writing is thick with emotion as it dissects the vagaries of criminality and survival. The narrative flits between the past and present, exploring characters' motivations and giving us a greater insight into their lives.

I have no doubt The Boss will be a success and Caz Finlay will go on to produce more stories of this calibre.

The Boss by Caz Finlay is available from Amazon. Should you enjoy it, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference.

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