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D.R. Shoultz - Author and animal lover

Featuring in my blog today is a guest post from Donn Shoultz, a prolific author who donates a portion of his writing profits to animal charities. He combines suspense, romance and time travel to deliver stories that pack a punch. Enjoy!

D.R. (Donn) Shoultz announces the release of GONE VIRAL, the third book in the Miles Stevens series, on February 15th. This action-filled thriller is a continuation of the CIA time travel series where Miles is sent back in time from his office in Langley, Virginia in the year 2050 to thwart historic disasters which have occurred decades earlier. The previous books in the series include MELTING SAND and CYBER ONE.

All three books in the series focus on delivering investigative intrigue and suspense along with elements of time travel and a hint of romance.

GONE VIRAL – Description

The year is 2032, and the deadliest bioterrorist attack on record had already fallen on the Sydney Olympic Games, killing thousands of spectators and athletes. CIA agents Miles Stevens and Terri King are transported back in time from their Langley offices in 2050, arriving two weeks prior to the disaster. Their mission: to erase the epic attack from history.

Donn and his wife Claudia have called North Carolina home for more than 20 years. Donn writes at their mountain retreat off the Blue Ridge Parkway where Claudia shares her editorial experience in shaping his novels, and where they both enjoy hiking nearby mountain trails with their dog, Milo.

Following a productive career in corporate America that took him across the world, Donn began writing in the fall of 2010. His ongoing writing projects include posting regular thoughts to his blog, submitting short stories to competition, and working on his next suspense-filled novel. Having recently finished the third book in the Miles Stevens series, Donn has begun a murder mystery set in the foothills of North Carolina.

Donn’s short stories are an eclectic collection of tales looking at the lives of lovers, schemers, everyday people and even pets. Each includes a twist and is designed to bring a tear or a smile to the reader. Several have received national contest recognition. Profits from the Amazon sales of D.R. Shoultz’s Short Story Collections go to support homeless pets in North Carolina.

His suspense novels blend captivating characters with thrilling action and unexpected conclusions, striving to appeal to a broad range of readers. His books include:

• Corrupt Connection

• Better Late Than Ever

• Melting Sand – A Miles Stevens Novel #1

• Cyber One – A Miles Stevens Novel #2

• Gone Viral – A Miles Stevens Novel #3

• It Goes On – Short Story Collection #1

• Most Men – Short Story Collection #2

You can find Donn’s books on Amazon and Goodreads, or go to his website at to learn more.

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