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new Black Rock Manor Front E-Cover.png

Black Rock Manor - a mystery set in the countryside of Northumberland featuring Holly Fleet as she attempts to save her village by finding a missing pensioner.

Released April 2020


"Engaging, inventive and modern with a beautiful use of language."

"It was fascinating to follow the twists and turns of the plot."

"This was a book that was hard to put down. I thoroughly recommend it."

Woodcutter Sharpe.jpg

Woodcutter - a crime novel set in the North East of England. Daniel is on the run from his gangster father. Only a thirst for revenge could make him return.

Released by Sharpe Books in March 2019



"Deftly written, tight story, totally addictive."

"Dark, malicious and full of drama. I found it very difficult to put it down."

"A fast-paced, thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish."

Pallbearer cover.jpg

Pallbearer - set in Newcastle, Daniel Dayton defends his city from a rival gang who intend on flooding its streets with a deadly drug.

Released by Sharpe Books in February 2019



"One hundred percent entertainment value. Brilliant."

"High levels of readability and suspense. Would highly recommend ."

"Will keep you reading well into the night. Highly recommend."

Yardbreaker (2).jpg

Yardbreaker - when teenagers are abducted from the Newcastle streets, Daniel Dayton is hired to find them by a woman he doesn't trust.

Released by Sharpe Books in November 2019



"A fun read from start to finish."

Dark Fringe Window jpg.jpg

Dark Fringe Anthology - Fantasy, horror and murder combine in twelve creepy  tales to read by the fireside. (includes an exclusive story featuring a character from the Dayton series.

Published in November 2019


"Every time I knew where a story was headed, I was taken down a different road."

"Dark Fringe is like a stroll through the Twilight Zone."

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