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Woodcutter - a crime novel set in the North East of England. Daniel is on the run from his gangster father. Only a thirst for revenge could make him return.

Released by Sharpe Books in March 2019


Janet's Book Corner  "Deftly written, tight story, totally addictive."

Cup of Books  "Dark, malicious and full of drama. I found it very difficult to put it down."

Amazon Reviewer  "A fast-paced, thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish."

Pallbearer cover.jpg

Pallbearer - set in Newcastle, Daniel Dayton defends his city from a rival gang who intend on flooding its streets with a deadly drug.

Released by Sharpe Books in February 2019


Books From Dusk Till Dawn  "One hundred percent entertainment value. Brilliant."

Amazon Reviewer  "High levels of readability and suspense. Would highly recommend ."

What's Good To Read  "Will keep you reading well into the night. Highly recommend."

Short Stories

The Barking Bird - two brothers and the haunting of an Irish village

Published in Metamorphose Vol. 3 Anthology, a collection of sci-fi and fantasy macabre


When the animals disappeared, the residents of Ballyoran called a meeting. They could live without scavenging foxes and the early morning jabber of crows, but who would be so cruel as to steal their pets?

"They’ve snatched my Snowdrop," said Mrs. Flynn, speaking of her Giant Flemish rabbit who once won a fight against a stray dog.


Roadkill - how to leave your wife

Published by Audio Arcadia in Eclectic Mix Volume Five, tales of the twisted human condition


The one thing he didn’t enjoy about his drive home was the roadkill. He eased his car around the ruined body of a badger. It had been knocked down a week ago. With every morning, he saw its carcass diminish. He flexed the tension from his fingers and hoped his wife Katie was still asleep when he got home. It would make it easier when he disappeared from her life.

Available as free audio as read by the esteemed Tom Bennett

Online Stories (free to distinguished readers)

Baked Nebraska - a cowboy discovers a watering hole in an apocalyptic wasteland

Published online by Fictive Dream


I might never have done it if it weren't for them cards at the Dusty Hangman. It was a ramshackle hole in the ground with a roof of black tarpaulin to keep out the sun. We were playing for bread. Not fresh bread, mind you. Not the kind that's crusty on the outside and cloudy in the middle, but stale, dried slices that was more green than brown.

I guess Lady Luck was on my side that day. My stack had doubled and I got to wondering if I shouldn't treat myself to a glass of water.

Moloch Isn't Eating - a couple adopt a snake

Published online by Tiger Shark Publishing


“Yep, can we have the Gung Hom Pha?...That’s two, please…Then we’ll have the No. 48, I think...yeah, and the No. 76...yes, that’s it....yep...half an hour?”

Aiden put down the phone and shouted upstairs. “Don’t worry, hun. I’ll do the cooking tonight.”

His little joke never failed to amuse him, despite its frequent use. Since being married last Spring, their Friday night take-out had been paired with another on Saturday. Wednesday sometimes made an appearance, though Monday was down to once a month. He worried briefly about his expanding midriff, but reasoned it was a sign of contentment.

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