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About me

My seven year old niece asked me what a writer did. I told her and she went into a grump. When I asked why, she said, "When I make things up, I get in trouble."

My writing may take sinister turns at times, but I'm a kid at heart. Since graduating from Liverpool John Moores University, I've been an office drone in charge of million pound accounts, a gardener, a bee-keeper and a sales rep selling dodgy watches out of a bag. It wasn't until my love of reading graduated into a love of writing that I found my calling.


I've written short stories, magazine articles, screenplays. In 2017, my debut crime novel Woodcutter was published. Its sequel Pallbearer quickly followed. Published by Sharpe Books, they are also available as a unique box set. 

The kid who grew up on a council estate in the north-east of England now lives in rural Scotland. I grow my own fruit and veg, keep bees and chickens, and embrace the countryside, like any boy would who grew up in concrete.


I hope you drop by the website as often as you can. You can join the mailing list or follow me on Twitter @littlehavenfarm

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